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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Recovering a lost Wifi password you forgot your Wifi password but you need it for your laptop. 

You know wrote it down on that sticky note but that has long disappeared. You still have access from your phone, but all you see is a bunch of "*******".

Accessing your wifi password

First, before going full frantic mode, check the modem that your ISP provided for you. Usually WiFi passwords are listed directly on the Modem from your Internet Service Provider. If that's not the case you can always reset your Wifi password by accessing your routers web page

But that's alot of can actually view your wireless password within a configuration file on your Android phone must be rooted.

If you've rooted your phone, open a file manager. If you don't have one, download a file manager similar to X-Plore or Astro from the Play Store.

Open your file manager and locate data/misc/wifi and find the file wpa_supplicant.conf. If you're unable to find it try locating wep.supplicant.conf. 
It's simple text file, so once you tap it your notepad should open it.

This file lists the current networks you have saved on your phone as well as your passwords to the networks.
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