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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Remote desktop software

If you're needing technical support or assistance for a computer issue, and the tech is just too far away to be in person, often they will (or should) offer remote technical support.

Remote support is where you allow the technician access to your computer via a secure internet connection. 
The tech can then examine, diagnose and resolve your issue without having to drive to your home or business. Sometimes it's an easier way to go for both the customer and the tech. 

WARNING: DO not simply give remote access to any person on the phone.Use caution and ensure you personally know the technician or person who you are talking to. Most certified technicians are bonded, and are professional. Pay attention to the screen and what the technician or person is doing. 
Scams exist where a "tech" (usually with a heavy Indian accent) will cold call you informing you that your computer has a dangerous virus and needs to be removed remotely. Be very leary of these type calls and do NOT allow remote access. Here's an example:
Technical support scam 

There are about a dozen remote desktop programs available with various access protocols. Some like LogMeIn and GoToMyPC utilize a web based platform. Others such as TightVNC and TurboVNC use the Virtual Network Computing/RFB protocol.
Some programs are compatible with Windows only. Others can be used within Linux and OSX as well.
I've found that one of the best remote programs out there is Teamviewer

TeamViewer has a great GUI  and is easy to navigate. The on screen menus are out of the way, yet accessible An excellent screen-sharing and file-transfer app that can be used for business collaborations is available. There are two different versions. A licensed paid version for business and a private personal version free for noncorporate use, it gives users precisely the tools they need to share screens securely, send files with a minimum of hassle, control access rights, and even flip which user has control.
It's a secure connection and access is made by the user providing an access code and password.

I highly recommended it.

This article orig posted 8/6/12 @ 3:32pm
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